After a week of heavy brewing, the Peticolas Brew Crew sat down together for an afternoon beer on “casual Friday.”  With a round of Sit Down’s in front of them, they started discussing the brewery’s beer lineup, their love for hops, and the need for another sessionable beer (Peticolas Definition…under 7%).  This round table discussion resulted in a plan to not only brew a new beer that was both sessionable and satisfied their NEED for hops, but also brew it in a rogue manner.  The brewery does not have a pilot system so the brewers took a risk and brewed a full production batch of an American Pale Ale using hops leftover from Operation Collaboration and Thrilla in Brazilla, in house grain, and house yeast.  The “clandestine” brew took place with only a handful of people in the brewery knowing about the new beer at all.  Fortunately, the result of the brewers’ efforts paid off – the “clandestine” beer was a hit (that also happened to name itself).

Clandestine Pale Ale pours a golden orange hue with a thick white head. Notes of orange peel and pineaple are dominate in the aroma. The use of crystal malt balances out the hops with a light sweetness. Tropical and citrus flavors from Denali, Amarillo and Chinook hops present themselves at the front of the beer while notes of honey, a light breadiness and a clean finish round the beer out.

Be on the lookout for more Clandestine Brews in the future….


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