Mistakes happen and luckily in the world of brewing you can occasionally adapt to those mistakes and work with them to make something delicious.

When Brewer Chad Brooks came in at 3 AM on a Tuesday morning to brew a batch of Royal Scandal, confusion set in as it took him less time to mash in and the depth of the mash was unusually low. As the rest of the crew woke up that morning, a text came through with one question…”What DIDN’T you mill in?”

The answer ended up being five bags of 2-row.  A decision had to be made, dump it or have fun with hops. In the end, hops always win and the brewers came up with a plan to experiment with the Eureka hop which outside of a couple of casks, hadn’t been played with at the brewery.  We created an on-the-fly hop charge schedule and a new beer was born.

Thanks to a healthy dry hop regimen of a pound of Eureka hop per barrel, this session IPA packs a big herbal and piney aroma backed by notes of tangerine.  The aroma leads nicely into the flavor, which starts with a crisp bite up front that stays on the palate throughout the course of the beer. Citrus flavors and a light spiciness round the beer out.

Top off? Good question and the answer is yes. This strangely addictive ale leaves you wanting more and it’s low abv will allow you to have another.

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