The Marzen style Oktoberfest is darker, fuller bodied and stronger than the pale lagers the masses typically associate with the festival beers served in Munich during Oktoberfest. 

However, the foundation of our Marzen style Oktoberfest comes from a malt bill dominated by German Vienna Malt. The Vienna malt gives the Marzen a medium body and a touch of malt sweetness consistent with the style.  Caramunich specialty malt gives the beer its reddish brown color and compliments the Vienna malt with notes of biscuit and hints of caramel. Hops take a back seat in this malt forward beer but add balance and restrained bitterness. 



“What’s new?” Not a day goes by where our taproom staff isn’t asked this question. In an effort to give you more choices and our brewers the the freedom to experiment more, we decided to start churning out more test batches.

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