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We’re honest, friendly, down-to-earth brewers delivering world class passion in a glass. Yet rather than tell the tale of our brewing roots tracing back to Michael Peticolas’ mom ourselves, we’re sharing our story through the words (and links) of those who have shared it themselves.

“While reasonable people can disagree, the following statement is one of fact, and arguing against it would only invite derision: Michael Peticolas makes the best beer in Dallas. And when I say Dallas, what I really mean is North Texas. So basically the whole state.” Michael Peticolas is the William Wallace of Craft Beer – With a free heart and the courage to follow it, he fought the city to permit the first breweries in modern-day Dallas. Now he’s taking the fight to the Supreme Court.

The Logo

logoThe over all design of our logo is heavily influenced by the crests that represent Football Clubs all over the world. We are huge fans and wanted our logo to have a similar feel. In addition, we set out to accomplish three goals when developing our logo: Create a mark that (1) is identifiable as the brewery’s own; (2) customers can easily recognize from a distance; and (3) subtly conveys information about us. As a consequence, we selected every last detail of our logo for specific reasons.


“One of the most recognizable figures within that [craft beer] movement has been Michael Peticolas, founder of Peticolas Brewing Company. Coming from a background in law has helped Peticolas advocate for expanding craft brewery rights across Texas.” 10 People Who Define Dallas-Fort Worth: Staubach, Cuban, Peticolas

“A priest, policewoman and lawyer walk into a bar: That could be the lead in to a joke, but at Peticolas Brewing, it represents the culture that defines the brewery and how it operates…Peticolas says his goal is not to be a big brewery – he wants to be a great brewery.” Peti-cultural awareness keeps the fresh ideas flowing at Peticolas

“Michael Peticolas never imagined after more than a decade as a lawyer, he would walk away from his practice and become a respected leader in the Dallas craft brewery community.” From passing the bar to serving at one, this Dallas brewer knows beer is worth the fight

“For the first year, [Michael] Peticolas was on his own, brewing 800 barrels of beer a year all by himself. That’s not all he did by himself — he was also Peticolas’ lone brewery rep, salesman and distributor. But then Peticolas began to grow. The brewery won gold at the Great American Beer Festival in its first year…and again in their third year. [I]n 2013 Peticolas was elected to the board of directors of the Texas Craft Brewers Guild. Shortly after, the board elected Peticolas as co-chair of the legislative committee, which has been integral to changing Texas laws that have long hindered craft brewers.” Peticolas finally has a Taproom; and it’s a craft beer lover’s paradise

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