When are tours?

Tours are the first and third Saturday of every month from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.

Are tours kid friendly?

Yes. Please bring the kids. It’s encouraged and we have dollar sodas and plenty of games available for them.

Are tours pet friendly?

No. Sorry, but a few bad apples ruin the bunch.

Do you accept credit cards on the tours?

Cash will get you in the door more quickly, but we certainly accept credit cards.

Is there food for sale at the tours?

Yep, we have a food truck at every tour!

Is there free parking at the tour?


How do I get to the brewery?

View the map here to get to our brewery in the Dallas Design District.


Can I get your beer at home?

Yes, a number of our customers (e.g., Lakewood Growler, Craft and Growler, Taps and Caps, Whole Foods, Central Market, and LUCK) fill growlers (i.e., glass bottles) on site.

You can also purchase our kegs at Parkit Market, Kegs and Barrels, S&K Beverages, Lone Star Beverages.

Do you bottle or can?

You can get our beer at home in a growler as referenced above, but no, our beers are available in kegs only. We do not package in a bottle or can for multiple reasons: beer is best protected in a keg and quality is paramount; (2) distributing beer in bottles and cans differs significantly from keg distribution (see distribution question below for more); (3) our growth rate remains consistently strong without tapping into the off-premise bottle/canning market. Our long term plan includes bottling/canning, but we enjoy operating a keg only brewery and are in no hurry to package our beer in bottles/cans.

Do you offer rental of the brewery for private parties?

Yes.  If you have any interest in utilizing our brewery as event space, click the Rental tab for all sorts of information and contact Michael Finley ( for specific details.

Where can I buy your beer?

Our beer is available throughout north Texas. Check out our location map.

Who distributes your beer?

In addition to operating a brewery, we operate a distributorship and self-distribute 100% of our beer.

How far do you distribute your beer?

We only distribute our beer within 39 miles from our Dallas Design District brewery. Denton and Fort Worth is as far as we travel…for now.

What is the status of pending legislative bills? Pending litigation?

Texas is the only state that does not allow a brewery to sell its beer to go. Our legislative efforts are focused on obtaining this right.

How do I get to the brewery?

View the map here to get to our brewery in the Dallas Design District.

What beers are available?

Velvet Hammer, Royal Scandal, Golden Opportunity, Sit Down or I’ll Sit You Down and Great Scot! are available year round.

Wintervention is released every winter and Irish Goodbye is brewed for St. Patrick’s Day. We also release a number of limited beers throughout the year.

Do you sell beer in Austin/Houston/San Antonio/El Paso?

Not yet. We continue to compile a list of locations interested in selling our beer outside of Dallas/Fort Worth. Once we saturate the D/FW market, we will expand our geographic territory. For now, our focus remains at home.

Who will win the premier league this year?

The preseason pick is always Everton.  After three weeks, reality sets in and we change that pick to Manchester City.

How did the brewery get started?

View our story.

How did you come up with your logo?

Learn about our logo here.