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Our Logo

Two passions: Beer and soccer. The over all design of our logo is heavily influenced by the crests that represent Football Clubs all over the world. We are huge fans and wanted our logo to have a similar feel. In addition, we set out to accomplish three goals when developing our logo: Create a mark that (1) is identifiable as the brewery’s own; (2) customers can easily recognize from a distance; and (3) subtly conveys information about us. As a consequence, we selected every last detail of our logo for specific reasons.

Central “linking” image – Football Clubs often use the initials of their organization (e.g., Real Madrid) to create a previously nonexistent mark. We borrowed this concept by using the initials of the brewery name to develop an original mark that can ultimately identify our brand on its own (a la Under Armor’s UA). It is no accident that our mark also resembles the outline of a brewer’s traditional mash paddle. A fitting tribute to our passion for brewing.

The “2010 Pentagon” – We wanted some aspect of our logo to represent our 5 family members and selected the 5 sided shape as this symbol. The pentagon is also the central shape in a classic “soccer” ball, another subtle nod to our love for the game. As for “2010,” it marks the year our family jumped head first into the brewing industry and started the process of opening our brewery. Perhaps that number also represents the “Peti 5” with the “2” representing mom and dad, the “1” representing the first child, and each “0” representing the twins that followed.

Shape of Texas – How could we resist referencing the Great State of Texas? Not only did we want to convey that the company is Texas based, but we truly are proud Texans, 7th and 8th generation Texans at that. The unmistakable shape of Texas also happens to reference our core value of friendliness, the Texas state motto.

Finally, we distressed the logo to give it a rugged down-to-earth character, which is part of the brewery’s culture and a core company value as well. All that we really left out of our logo is Leeroy, the all white tailless cat. He almost made the cut, but that’s another story altogether.