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Don’t Be Scared epitomizes our approach to big beer and its relentless efforts to quash independently owned and distributed breweries. We remain defiant against such forces and embrace the opportunity to educate and publicly address beer industry inequities – all while keeping the production of world class beer priority one.

Our seven-year anniversary beer is a strong and aggressive American Barley Wine that stands for our brewery’s spirit and attitude – Don’t Be Scared. While you may have reservations towards confronting a 13% ABV beer with over 100 IBUs, don’t back down. Don’t be afraid. Our medium bodied barley wine pours with an orange-red hue and an off-white head. This beer’s aroma screams of pleasant citrus, pine and dark fruit, making it unabashedly approachable.

Transitioning from aroma to flavor is seamless as caramelized malt sweetness from a three-hour boil balances out massive amounts of Cascade and Chinook hops. Big citrus and cherry flavors come through towards the middle.  Don’t Be Scared finishes with clean bitterness alongside a touch of alcohol warmth that reminds you of its strength.

This beer celebrates our past 7 years of successes, failures, hits, misses, trials, and tribulations. The following years will undoubtedly present many more challenges, but rest assured, this little local brewery won’t be scared.

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