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There’s nothing better than a glass of fresh squeezed juice in the morning. That crisp, clean citrus-y goodness really gets the day going. We brewed Main Squeeze to replicate that feeling when it’s time to wind down the day. Full circle.
Our citrus forward IPA features El Dorado, Mandarina and Amarillo hops which burst the nose with Aromas of orange peel and tangerine. The beer’s clean bitterness and lingering flavors of orange, tangerine and apricot can be attributed to large post boil hop additions. Generous dry hopping during fermentation brings the beer to life and makes the beer even more juicy.
Golden Promise as the featured base malt gives the beer a gentle sweetness and medium body without being cloying. Additional specialty malts lend to the color of the beer and gives Main Squeeze a golden orange hue.
Coming in at 7.85% ABV, this bright and refreshing brew is sure to indulge all the senses.

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