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While supporting various soccer organizations over the years, one thing became apparent – it doesn’t matter whether you support US soccer, FC Dallas, Barcelona or Manchester United, all supporters of the beautiful game share a common soccer bond. Enjoying beers with family and friends at a match, tailgate or watch party is what it’s all about. And we’ve come to realize that our strongest connection is not with any individual soccer organization, but with you – the passionate supporter of those teams that play all over the world.

Official Beer Of The Supporters is a sessionable 5.5% pale ale that pairs well with a good tailgate. The Cascade and Centennial hops give off soft floral aromas and contribute flavors of pine and hint of grapefruit. Two-row malts with limited use of caramel malts lend to a deep golden color and a slight malty sweetness. This beer finishes crisp!

Regardless of which team you support, we support and will continue to brew for you. It’s official.

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Official Beer of the Supporters