Need Beer? Local Delivery and Taproom Pickup

So you want to drive around Peticolas beer? Good call.

To Join our team, you’ll be responsible for the following:

  • Pre-Delivery
    • Obtain delivery list and invoices from person who compiles all of them in the morning.
    • Add up totals for each type of keg needed (ex. VH 4 GOs 3 RS 4) so others can help you load
    • Pull vehicle around to dock if not already pulled around
    • Load up beers, secure slim kegs
      • Clean vintage kegs and make new labels if necessary
    • Load tools, tap handles, line cleaner, line cleaning chemicals, posters, tin signs, coasters, and other POS (point of sale) items and merch as needed (glasses, t-shirts, etc.).
    • Make sure dolly is in vehicle, kegs are secure, and door is secure.
    • Plan out delivery order, giving consideration to when deliveries can be accepted/cut off times/when establishments open
  • Delivery
    • Find appropriate parking area
    • Deliver beer through correct entrance (obtain door codes list) and place in kegerator/walk in (unless instructed otherwise). If keg on the line is empty, untap and replace with new keg or backup keg if already in fridge. If the new keg is a new beer, confirm with manager where it will be tapped (if they want it tapped now) and clean the line.
      • Before tapping a keg be sure that the manager or someone can write a check at that time (if not a prepaid or Fintech account).
    • If keg is a backup, place in the correct space (under current keg, in separate area of the walk in, etc.)
      • If not comfortable moving other kegs, food, bottled beer to properly place our keg, ask for assistance from manager/bartender/bar back/etc.
    • If line has not been cleaned in past 6-8 weeks or beer tastes off, clean the line.
    • While in front of house, look for our POS materials as well as other breweries. If they have other breweries’ POS but not ours, offer to give them some and/or help hang it.
    • Find empty kegs and mark on both copies of the invoice and adjust total.
    • Present invoice to manager/bartender/owner, explain what was delivered and anything you did (cleaned line, tapped beer, etc.). If it’s a new beer, make sure they have a tap handle for it and info about the beer to use to train staff. Give them POS materials like coasters, posters, tin signs, stickers, etc. Answer any questions they have.
      • If an order is incorrect, they cannot pay, they ask to return something, etc. please contact Grayson for direction on issue.
    • Make sure to leave the establishment in as good or better shape than you found it.
  • Post-Delivery
    • If extra time remains, do some line cleans in the area.
    • Text group if a line clean was done.
    • Make sure gas tank is not below ¼ and fill up if needed before returning to brewery.
    • Unload kegs, tools, POS/merch, tap handles, etc., return to correct area, and move vehicle back to parking spot. Check to make sure the doors are locked and put keys back in the desk.
      • Promptly put full kegs back in walk in. If they were returned from the bar for a reason, please set aside, mark the reason on keg collar, and notify brewers of issue and ask them to do QC on it.
      • Place keg collars in recycling bin, caps in bucket, and empty kegs stacked safely by the walk in.
    • Write check numbers on invoices and invoice numbers on checks. Place all invoices (including voided invoices, marked as such) in the Completed hanging file.