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5-Year New Year

December 31, 2016:  Our 5-year anniversary, New Year’s Eve, and the dawn of a new era for Peticolas Brewing Company.

We’ll unveil a new direction for the brewery at our anniversary and could hardly be more excited.  Exact details will be kept close to the vest for now, but will be revealed to those joining us for the celebration.  Of course, we won’t keep you completely in the dark.  We plan to pour 34 total Peticolas beers and feature a brand new one as well.

Turn Out the Lights, an Irish Dry Stout, was brewed to commemorate our first 5 years.  Although known for brewing high alcohol beers, we’re mixing it up this year with a nice 5% stout.  A jet black appearance and thick head define this beer’s rich character and the use of coffee-like roasted barley heavily influences the aroma.  While the flavor is initially accentuated by light caramel, it finishes with a distinctive dry-roast bitterness.  Pleasant, but gentle and subtle fruit esters are overshadowed by the malt, bittering hop, and roasted barley character.  You’ll actually find the body of Turn Out the Lights fairly light.

Our penchant for names with multiple meanings is on display again with Turn Out the Lights – its deep black color naturally invokes ‘lights out’ imagery, we’ll literally turn out the lights on 2016 with the New Year’s Eve release of this beer, and it references the musical shenanigans heard in the brewery and highlighted during our crew’s 2015 holiday party.

Music is a big part of our culture and no tune is more important to us than the Velvet Hammer love song written by Tony Drewry, who’ll return with Shotgun Friday to provide live music for the event.

Each guest will receive a 5 Year New Year anniversary glass upon entrance.  As has become tradition, we’ll also sell a one-off anniversary shirt that is only available at the event.

We will host 2 sessions – the first at 12:00 and second at 4:00.
Tickets for session 1 can be purchased here…
Tickets for session 2 can be purchased here…

Oh, and here’s the complete beer list:
Turn Out the Lights
Sledge Hammer 2014 and 2015
Black Curtains 2013 and 2016
It’s Always Something 2015 and 2016
Great Scot! 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016
A Lost Epic 2014, 2015, and 2016
The DUKE 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016
Prime minister
Irish Goodbye
Operation Collaboration
Alfred Brown
Ghost of Alfred Brown
Rye’t On
Too Soon
Sit Down or I’ll Sit You Down
Velvet Hammer
Come and Take It
Royal Scandal
Cask of Raspberry Wintervention
Cask of Blackberry Wintervention
Mystery Cask