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Not With That Attitude

When something seems too difficult to accomplish, it's all about attitude.  In our brewery "Not With That Attitude" is a phrase often heard as a rebuttal when the words "I can't" are spoken. In the ... VIEW MORE

How Some Dallas Bars and Breweries Are Getting Ready to Reopen—Or Not

How Some Dallas Bars and Breweries are Getting Ready to Reopen - Or ... VIEW MORE

Lovin’ Life

Every now and then it’s in your best interest to take a vacation from the day to day grind, reflect on what makes you happy and appreciate the simple things.  We brewed Lovin Life as a reminder ... VIEW MORE

Curbside Beer to Go

Our operations are focused on selling curbside beer to go in the safest manner possible and we suggest that obtaining beer via our 'Drive-through' is safer than visiting a grocery store. Limiting ... VIEW MORE

Changemakers in the Disabilities Community: Michael Finley

When Michael Finley was growing up in Dallas, his grandmother offered afterschool care out of her home. Every afternoon, he would head to his grandmother’s and spend time with her and the other ... VIEW MORE

Once Dependent Upon Selling to Bars, Peticolas Moves Forward with a New Plan

Once Dependent Upon Selling to Bars, Peticolas Moves Forward with a New Plan - ... VIEW MORE

While supporting various soccer organizations over the years, one thing became apparent - it doesn't matter whether you support US soccer, FC Dallas, Barcelona or Manchester United, all supporters of ... VIEW MORE

Irish Goodbye

Ever been out to the bar and your friend disappears without nary a word? That move is called the “Irish Goodbye” and is the name we’ve bestowed upon our Irish Red Ale. It is a beautiful copper ... VIEW MORE

6 Craft Breweries With Award-Winning Brews

The days when your friends would be satisfied with a case of whatever's cheap are long gone. Now your contact list is filled with beer snobs, so if you're organizing an outing or preparing for a ... VIEW MORE

Real Ale Collaboration – Stay the Course

As a brewery that has been around since 2011, we have seen trends come and go.  Instead of abandoning the principles that laid our brewery’s foundation and chase ... VIEW MORE