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10 Local Craft Breweries Hosting Games, Events and Frothy Good Time

After a year of hunkering down, no one is more ready to spread their wings in the sunshine, unencumbered by a pandemic, than North Texas breweries. There’s a bevy of fun events going down at our frothy brewers’ abodes: game nights, live music and some hip and hops.


The Peticolas Running Club’s Mother’s Day Velvet Hammer 5K

A 3-mile trot never hurt this good. Let mom watch you sweat it out while she imbibes in her cocktail of choice. And what’s even better, the start time is loosey-goosey, which actually should be a new trend. (They can track runners, so why do we all have to start at the same time? Peticolas has always been a game-changer like that.) The $30 ticket to partake includes a CASA MASA breakfast to go, three beers and a social run “glass can.” Feels oxymoronic, but it’s Peticolas, so just let it happen.

Lakewood Brewing


While growing up if you never played bingo in musty VFW with octogenarians smoking ciggies, then you weren’t raised right. Head over to Lakewood Brewing May 13 at 6:30 p.m. where they’re hosting bingo, along with Brew30 Taphouse. Get there early, like grandma taught you, so you can get a good seat and a drink before the game starts. Like grandma.

Oak Cliff Brewing

One-Off Wednesdays

Partial to being in experiments? Starting May 6, Oak Cliff Brewing is running a testing lab every Wednesday, “As we come up with new and fun ideas for beers, we’re going to bring them to life in very small and limited batches for y’all to try and give us some feedback.” They’re starting with a lime and sea salt lager. Who knows what’ll be next. Only one way to find out!

Four Corners Brewing Co.

Lotería Live

Lotería is sort of like bingo, but not and has enjoyed a resurgence over the past year. Learn all about it at Four Corners Brewing Co., which hosts lotería Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. They have beer, prizes y más, plus a new food menu and DJ @djbigtexican will be there to keep the beat on the ones and twos.

Pegasus City Brewing, Downtown

Employment of a Gifted Margarita Machine

Pegasus City recently discovered a frozen margarita machine that was given to them a while back — just in time for Cinco de Mayo, coincidentally — and they’re filling it up with their Barley Champs for a 10% ABV frozen treat. This is at their beautiful art-deco downtown taproom, and if this frozen barley drink is an excuse to go, then you’ve won.

Deep Ellum Brewing Co.

Live Music Fridays

The DEBC taproom is hosting local artists every Friday in May from 6 to 9 p.m. Bradley Banning is there May 7, followed by Meredith Crawford, Ole G, and Faron Gilbert the last Friday of the month.

Community Beer Co.

Beer and Science at the Perot Museum

Beer is science, so this makes perfect sense. Every Thursday, the Community Beer Co. crew is hanging out at the Perot Museum along with “curious-minded folks for a night of live music, local food trucks, access to the museum, and of course, plenty of delicious Community beer!” Tickets are $25 for non-members and $15 for members. Bonus feature: Peticolas will be there Thursday, May 13.

Martin House Brewing

8 Years: Burgers and Beers

Saturday, May 8, the westward-way brewery in Fort Worth, Martin House, is celebrating its eighth anniversary. Tickets are $20 at the door or $15 in advance and that’ll get you four 8-ounce pours and a souvenir glass. They’ll have more than 20 “special beers,” including 3 new pickle variants. It’ll be pickles galore. There will be a few burger food trucks and tap walls inside and outside.

Celestial Beerworks

2nd Saturday Hip & Hops

So, you nailed the Dougie, but haven’t progressed much since then? Well, Celestial noticed. They’re hosting hip and hops every second Saturday from 11 a.m. to noon. You just bring your throwback Adidas sneakers and some water and Terrance from Life Time Fitness will take care of the rest. No, it’s not jazzercise. From the site, “The choreography is fun and sexy with movements that are easy to catch and learn creating an amazing experience no matter how well you dance.” You get two beers along with the $15 for the class. No mention of when you can get those beers.

Division Brewing

Pubguys Trivia

What was the name of the athlete played by Cuba Gooding Jr. in Jerry Maguire? Some pretty serious Wednesday evening trivia is going down at Division Brewing in Arlington. Pubguys Trivia sets up at the large garage doors that open onto the patio, allowing for both indoor and outdoor tables. Teams are getting a bit of serious. Not like bringing a binder-serious … yet.