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We first brewed Black Curtains to commemorate our 2 year anniversary. Having developed a penchant for brewing high alcohol beers that don’t necessarily come across that way, Michael Peticolas once again went big and opted for an imperial version prior to brewing any other stout. Black Curtains was not available outside of the brewery for 5 years and remains a rare find out in the market; if you see it, grab one.

True to its name, Black Curtains pours black with a thick tan head. Large amounts of roasted barley provide the malt foundation in terms of both its rich malty aroma and roasted malt astringency. Surprisingly aggressive use of floral and citrus hops balance out the malt character and even push the envelope towards a hoppy beer, especially when fresh. The hops fade with time and we regularly cellar Black Curtains for up to 4 years; age is a wonderful thing with this beer as it serves to round out its finish.

Only the true insiders know the inspiration for this name. And for once, we’re leaving it that way.


2013 Beverage Testing Institute – Imperial Stout
2014 U.S. Beer Tasting Championship – Imperial Stout

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Black Curtains