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Our Tripel has a sunny golden-orange color with rocky white head. A complex, mild spice accentuates a light fruity-ester aroma while the overall hop aroma remains low. The use of pale malts result in a brisk malty palate containing a hint of sweetness in the center, but with a light dry finish. Hop bitterness is medium and tends to equalize the balance of malt. The alcohol strength and flavor is clearly evident. Our Tripel’s medium body and high alcohol content contribute a pleasant vanilla like creaminess. This beer is highly carbonated to bring flavor to the forefront. As this beer warms, its flavors flourish.

What’s in a beer name? In this case, the brewery’s name. A LOST EPIC is an anagram of PETICOLAS.

Tripels lend themselves well to herbs, especially thyme. The herbal notes in the hop aromatics pair nicely with the herbs used in the food dish.

  • “It maintains a hoppy aroma and delicious, sweet aftertaste, but don't be fooled -- this bad boy clocks a whopping 11 percent alcohol by volume. Cool fact: The name is an anagram of Peticolas.”  (Read Article)
    Tiney Ricciardi  (GuideLive )

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