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Not only do we favor beer names that double as commands, but ‘Come and Take It’ is best known as a battle cry from the American and Texas Revolutions signifying defiance against tyrants. What better way to show our Texas pride and defiance of beer tyrants than by crafting a flavorful beer in celebration of the Texas State Fair? We released ‘Come and Take It’ throughout the fairgrounds on day one but have since expanded its distribution throughout north Texas during the summer and fall.

The aggressive use of cascade hops define this beer. Although we’ve added nearly a pound and half of Cascade per barrel to a Tettnang hopped beer, the execution and manner of the Cascade addition in a cohesive and seamless manner is what ‘Come and Take It’ is all about. Tettnang imparts spicy and earthy characteristics while also subtly contributing fruity, floral, citrus notes; whereas Cascade is primarily classified as a fruity floral hop with a hint of spice. Emphasizing Tettnang early and Cascade hops late results in huge fruity citrus notes that dominate both Come and Take It’s aroma and flavor. The more you drink it, the more you’ll enjoy it. Weighing in at 5% ABV, we trust you’ll find this one refreshing beer.

‘Come and Take It’ pairs perfectly with fried foods made famous in Texas, winning big on the Midway, and sunny Saturdays at the Cotton Bowl. Enjoy.

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