Pick Hammer is created by combining the last wort runnings from two separate Velvet Hammer mashes (while the first runnings are used to brew Sledge Hammer). The hops used in the boil kettle are identical to those used in Velvet Hammer, but dialed back in terms of quantity. As a result, Pick Hammer is a red ale that possesses some characteristics of Velvet Hammer, but is much more subdued.

Upon first glance, Pick Hammer is visibly a lighter hue of red than Velvet/Sledge Hammer, and the changes in character don’t end there.  Pick’s reduced malt profile produces a medium bodied beer with soft notes of bread, caramel and a touch of dark chocolate. The aggressive hop profiles of Velvet Hammer and Sledge Hammer take a back seat to delicate notes of citrus and pine which balance the beer with a light acidity and round finish.

Pick Hammer simply put is the session ale of the Hammer family.  Clocking in at just under 7%, Pick Hammer provides a lower ABV option for fans of all things Hammer.

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