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Our 2018 World Cup beer is a red – after all, the tournament is in Russia. While the famous Thrilla in Manila (Ali vs. Frazier fight) inspired the name of our 2014 World Cup beer, Thrilla in Brazilla, we turned to another Ali fight theme to name our 2018 World Cup beer – Ali and Foreman’s Rumble in the Jungle. Accordingly, we’ve named our 2018 World Cup red ale “Rumble in Russia.”

Generous amounts of crystal and high quality English 2-row lay the foundation for our traditional red ale. Cascade and Simcoe hops provide fruity notes to the aroma while adding citrus and pine flavors, as well as a gentle bitterness that balances out the beer’s sweet caramel backbone.  A touch of roasted barley adds a complimentary light roast character on the back end that rounds out the overall experience of Rumble in Russia.

Rumble in Russia joins Match Day and Thrilla in Brazilla in our soccer themed beer catalog. But our connection to soccer started with the references in our  logo. And then there’s the Official Beer of the Supporters.

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Rumble in Russia