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BEST REASON TO ABANDON THE 9-TO-5 | Peticolas’s Taproom is a must-visit for Dallas beer fans.

While microbreweries aren’t exactly novel, there are still a few that are worth a visit. First and foremost: Peticolas, an award-winning brewery launched in 2011. The brewery’s founder and namesake, Michael Peticolas, left behind a career in law to pursue his dream of becoming a brewmaster. And while some called him crazy, he clearly knew what he was doing. On December 30, 2011, Peticolas brewed an Imperial Red Ale called Velvet Hammer. In the years since, Velvet Hammer and several other Peticolas beers have gone on to earn some of the industry’s most prestigious awards. Now Peticolas is available in bars and restaurants across the Dallas-Fort Worth area. But you can’t beat a visit to the taproom, where you can tour the facilities to see how the magic is made.

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