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Bicycle Pump

Beer makes people Happy.  When people get happy, they dance.  At Peticolas Brewing Company, there is one dance move that has become legendary enough to have a beer named after it.

Popularized by our brewer Jordan Pratt, the “Bicycle Pump” can only be described as art in its purest form. Grace, technique, stamina, and unwavering enthusiasm are all qualities that must exist within the individual to not only pull off the classic dance move but also brew a beer worthy of its name.

Bicycle Pump is a traditional German Style Pilsner and also the first lager pumped out of our brewery. German malts, yeast and hops work in harmony with each other to produce a clean and crisp lager with just enough hop bite to keep your palate dancing.

Notes of lemon and honey give this crystal clear beer some additional moves.

Come down to the brewery and try a Bicycle Pump with Jordan.  He gives free lessons on how to master the dance while holding a full beer.  It’s a thing of beauty.