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Crush It

There are certain traits a beer must have to be considered a quality session.  The first priority at Peticolas is to provide you with a beer that not only has a lower ABV but also has the body, flavor and aroma to take a seat at the table with the big boys in our portfolio.

Our session IPA brings two polar opposite hops together and balances them in perfect harmony with just the right amount of crystal malt, which provides a nice mild sweetness.  Amarillo hops provide big fruit and citrus flavors up front while the distinct herbal and resinous characteristics of the Eureka hop are pronounced on the finish.  The medium/high carbonation of the beer allows the hops to pleasantly linger and slowly fade until the next sip.

Eventually, the drinkability of this beer will show itself and make you wonder why your glass emptied so fast.  The answer is simple…you crushed it.