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Don’t Call it a Cola

Don’t Call it a Cola – Vanilla Ale 

Brew-man Rich Franzen is a mad scientist when it comes to dosing our beer with new flavors. After adding pure ground vanilla to our Scottish ale, we were hit with an unexpected sensory experience the following day. While discussing its flavor characteristics amongst our crew, “cream soda,” “root beer” and “Dr. Pepper” were all identified. After two more weeks of flavor and name discussion, we could only agree on one thing – “Don’t Call it a Cola.” 

Don’t Call it a Cola balances the lightly hopped and malty sweet body of our Scottish ale with the classic flavor and aroma of vanilla provided by local spice maker, and our neighbor, Pendery’s.  The first sip of this unique ale provokes an immediate association with a variety of different sodas. The medium/high carbonation level reinforces the flavors present and will send you down memory lane.  The beer finishes with an addictive kick of fading carbonation and vanilla that leaves you wanting more. 

We’re excited to have you try this beer and let you decide how to classify it.  Just don’t call it a cola.