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Good Call

Good Call – Our Taproom exclusive summer ale will be released in our Taproom on March 6.

You owe it to yourself and the weather to come have a taste.  Here’s the description:

Temperatures start rising in spring and are blistering by summer.  We all have methods for staying cool, but nothing beats the heat better than a crisp and refreshing beer.  We crafted Good Call to demonstrate.

Our summer ale features Hopsteiner experimental hop 06297, Amarillo, Nugget and a touch of ginger that complements the beer’s malt bill.  A generous amount of white wheat adds a slight sweetness and provides a medium body typical of the style.

The blending of hops create aromas of lemon peel, citrus and fresh berries.  Accents of vanilla round it out.  The combination of ginger and citrusy hops creates a crisp bite that quickly fades into a round sweetness.  As carbonation is released on the palate, you’ll experience flavors of orange peel and grapefruit while ginger and Nuggets provide a gentle spice in the background.

Good Call is exactly what the name implies, a positive reinforcement of your superior decision.  Make a Good Call.