Need Beer? Local Delivery and Taproom Pickup

Is it just us, or has this summer seemed especially hot?  Either way, more crisp and refreshing beer options are needed as we swelter through these dog days together.

Doing its part and joining our lineup of sessionable protectors from warm weather is HEFEWEIZEN!

Our take on this classic German Ale features all the trademark qualities of the original hazy.  A dense white head sits atop its cloudy golden body.  Distinctive notes of clove and vanilla are rounded out by soft banana.  Bright juicy citrus bubbles explode on the tongue and compliment sweet malted wheat.  An addictive peppery kick comes through on the finish along with a touch of orange peel.

Hefeweizen checks all the boxes when looking for a revitalizing beverage to help get through the next couple of months.  Give it a taste, and we promise the only thing you’ll be sweating is happiness.