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IPA Release

Over the last 10 plus years we’ve released more than our fair share of brews. One of the most consistent questions around the “water cooler” is “Why do we have an imperial IPA (Sit Down is delicious) as a full time beer but not a house IPA to hang our hat on?”.

After realizing we didn’t have an answer, the only option was to brew one and let you decide if it’s tasty enough to hop into (get it?) our full time lineup. We took a similar approach with Velvet Hammer in 2011 and that worked out.

As for the beer itself, there’s nothing better than the aroma of fresh hops. Our brewers took a trip to the Yakima Valley and hand selected the Centennial featured in this “go to” IPA.

Soft and sweet Golden Promise malt lays the foundation for crisp citrus flavors and aromas. Notes of pine reminiscent of some of the most classic IPAs bring it all together.

At 6.5%, our goal with IPA is to provide you with a flavorful brew tht allows you to have a few.

Swing by the Taproom and let us know what you think!