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It’s official! Velvet Hammer 1st Year Round Beer
Our goal is to let the market pick the beers we brew year round.
All of our beers are potential one off’s or flagships; your reactions, feedback, and buying habits make this determination.
We initially planned to brew the Velvet Hammer for 3 months and then rotate it out.
After 3 months, we decided to give it another quarter before saying goodbye to the Hammer.
It’s now been 6 months and it’s official.
Our consumers and customers dictated it.
We will brew the Velvet Hammer year round!
The fate of the Royal Scandal and Golden Opportunity remain in your hands.
Rotate one out?  Rotate both out?  Keep brewing both?  It’s still too early to tell.
The gang at the tour this past weekend all but demanded we bring back the Great Scot!
The answers to those questions determine whether we will release a new style this fall.
If we do, what do we brew next?
Rye’t On? Rye pale ale
A Lost Epic?  Belgian tripel whose name is an anagram of Peticolas
Alfred Brown Ale?  Brown Ale named after Alfred Brown “A.B.” Peticolas
One beer decision is certain, the winter brew.
As temperatures drop towards the end of the year, we’ll release our spiced ale, the WINTERVENTION.