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Lovin’ Life

Every now and then it’s in your best interest to take a vacation from the day to day grind, reflect on what makes you happy and appreciate the simple things.  We brewed Lovin Life as a reminder that despite the stress life creates, it’s up to you to take advantage of every opportunity that allows you to bring back that spark.

To help nudge you in the right direction, we blended a golden ale with a pound of raspberries per gallon and a touch of lemon peel to evoke memories of a time when everything seemed easy.

From the appearance to the last sip, raspberries are the star of the show.  A deep purple body and accompanying bright aromatics immediately open up the senses.  Hints of lemon pair perfectly with the light sweetness of the fruit. A pleasant tart bite amplified by champagne like carbonation adds to the experience and helps the fruit pop.

Let us do our part in taking you back to your happy place by revisiting some of the flavors that once made you carefree.  The rest is up to you.