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Not With That Attitude

When something seems too difficult to accomplish, it’s all about attitude.  In our brewery “Not With That Attitude” is a phrase often heard as a rebuttal when the words “I can’t” are spoken. In the Spring of 2020 “Not With That Attitude” became our battle cry as we navigated through uncharted territory.

Attitude’s foundation is a simple light malt bill.  A three hour boil transforms its once golden hues into a stunning burnt orange.  Concentrated malt sweetness intensifies flavors of orange caramel candy.  A steady dose of Sultana, Centennial, Chinook and Bravo hops throughout the boil add layers of resinous orange and pineapple which balance the malt.  Despite Attitude’s strength, it drinks smooth with a gentle warm finish.

This massive IPA serves as a reward for a job well done and a thank you to our crew and devoted patrons.  We hope “Not With This Attitude” is a beer you can rely on when trying to stay positive and maintain an optimistic outlook.  We guarantee at a minimum, the thought of it will put a smile on your face.