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On MY Way

At the end of the work day, we enjoy getting together as a crew to enjoy the fruits of our labor and having some good conversation. On occasion, hanging out somehow makes time fly by and before you know it, phones start ringing and texts from our loved ones blow up our phones.
“Where are you?” is how the conversation always starts. The response is a phrase that is often heard within the walls of our brewery…. “I’m on my way”.
Inspired by the table beers of Belgium’s Trappist breweries and a need for another light and flavorful beer in our lineup, we present On My Way. Our 5.5% ABV Belgian Single is the perfect beer to enjoy while losing track of time.
A malt base primarily composed of Pilsen malt provides a gentle grainy sweetness that is enhanced by the fruity and spicy characteristics of Trappist yeast. The limited use of specialty malts lets the yeast shine while Tettnang and Loral hops bring out additional spicy and fruity flavors. The hops play nicely with the yeast to create a clean and crisp bite on the finish that sticks around on the palate. A lower fermentation temperature keeps the Belgian esters in check and the beer balanced and approachable.
This release is primarily available in our tap room so come have a seat at our table, and lose track of time with us. When that call comes, we’ve got a line you can use.