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Prime Minister

This month’s event will feature the release of a new beer, Prime Minister, an English strong ale.  Not many examples of the style are available, especially locally, which is why we chose to brew it.  Consistent with our basic brewing philosophy, the mission for the Prime Minister is to provide north Texas with an exceptional example of the style, which may not be too familiar.  Prime Minister appears dark orange with complex fruity esters contributing to the aroma.  Its medium bodied with a malty/caramelly sweetness.  Hop flavor is present and bitterness is light, but evident and balanced with the malt flavors present.  Fruity-ester flavors add to the character of this rich, somewhat sweet and complex beer.

As with many of our beers, this one’s name comes with history.  Naming a beer isn’t easy.  Iron Lady seemed the perfect  fit for an English strong due to the Margaret Thatcher reference.  However, our friends in Fort Worth, Martin House and Rahr, brew Iron Joe/Thistle and Salty Lady, and Iron Lady seemed too close for comfort.  We settled on The Governor earlier in the year, but as the release date grew closer, we continued to conjure up hundreds of potential names.  The brewers dubbed it Large Marge (a nod to Margaret Thatcher, the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, and PW’s Big Adventure), but the strong Prime Minister ultimately won out.  The beer has one last super secret alias, but you’ll have to ask Grayson about that one.

We’ll release Prime Minister at our monthly event on September 22.  Proper Baking Co. will be feeding us their traditional English fare, and as always, we’ll pass out a one off glass to commemorate the event.

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