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Take 1 & Take 2

Two beers twelve years in the making.

On June 5, 2011, Michael Peticolas brewed his first Wit but used two separate vessels to ferment the beer – one with traditional Belgian yeast, the second with Edinburgh yeast. The results? A hit on both accounts but somehow or another, never brewed again. That is until happening upon the original brew day notes earlier this year.

On December 30, 2023, we’ll release Take 1 & Take 2 – beers identical in every way other than the yeast used for fermentation. Beers with recipes written and first brewed in the prolific homebrew summer of 2011 alongside an imperial red, Kolsch, English pale and Scottish (a.k.a. Velvet Hammer, Golden Opportunity, Royal Scandal and Great Scot!).

Take 1 is a delicate light Belgian-style witbier with a refreshing blend of earthy fruit and subtle spices.  It features unmalted wheat for its distinctive flavor, added body and enhanced texture, while an infusion of coriander and orange peel tea helps to give this beer its unique character.  Carbonation and tartness are purposefully scaled back, making for a smoother overall finish than you might be used to in a typical witbier.

Take 2 is a different take on the traditional witbier, we take our base recipe and ferment it with a Scottish Ale yeast.  The result is an earthier brew, with light fruity esters and a more subtle wheat flavor through the middle.  Though more tempered and lacking the characteristic spice, the orange shines through and the beer maintains a refreshing quality and may be even easier to drink than the Belgian variety.