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The Return of The Usual

In celebration of North Texas Beer Week, we are bringing back our biggest hit of the year – The Usual.

Ordering a drink is a lot easier when the bartender already knows what you’re going to order.

“The Usual?” followed by a nod and the transaction is complete.

In honor of the relationship between bartender and loyal patron, we bring to you our interpretation of the the classic cocktail our crew usually orders at company outings, the Old Fashioned.

For The Usual we added cherries, fresh orange peel, bitters and whiskey soaked American oak chips to our 13% abv barleywine and let it condition for three months. The aroma of fresh orange peel on the rim of the glass is at the forefront followed by sweet cherries and alcohol.  American oak plays in the background and balances the fruity aromatics.

This beer is big and flavorful just like the cocktail it honors.  The 13% abv, while present, is held in check by fruit and oak which makes it a dangerously easy sipper.  The ingredients work in harmony and bridge the gap between cocktail and beer.

The Usual is only available in our taproom, so come see us and get to know your beertender.

When asked “The Usual?”, just nod.