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Top Shelf

As a tribute to the Margarita, we decided to try our hand at brewing a truly representative beer to give this beloved cocktail justice.  High quality ingredients and three months of aging, blend perfectly together to accomplish this goal.

A base of Maris Otter malt and Motueka hops provide a clean and citrusy foundation.  After being aged on fresh lime and orange peel, the fruity aromas pop, mimicking Cointreau and fresh squeezed lime juice.

The addition of tequila-soaked oak balances sharp key lime and leaves a refreshing mouthfeel. Top Shelf finishes tart, salty and perfectly sweetened by the addition of organic blue agave.

When designing this beer, our goal was to give you the best experience of what a margarita inspired beer should be.  We don’t want you settling for the house margarita.  Always order the Top Shelf.