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Turtle Kriek Belgian Cherry

There’s no better feeling than wrapping up the work week and celebrating productivity.  Our brew crew often celebrates on Fridays with a stroll down Turtle Creek for a team lunch.  Stopping along the way to take in the sights of one of Dallas’ most underrated natural wonders, the turtles of Turtle Creek.  In order to truly appreciate their beauty and entertainment value, you’ll have to go check them out for yourself. But to bring awareness, we brewed Turtle Kriek.

Two pounds of Balaton cherries per gallon provide an immediate impact to every aspect of the senses.  Our Kriek pops with a deep crimson color and the aroma of fresh cherries.  The powerful aroma of the beer compliments its fruity sweetness.  Complex notes of stone fruit, plum and raisin can be found in every sip thanks to the use of Belgian yeast and Port-soaked oak. Sparkling wine like carbonation keeps palate dancing while a moderate acidic tartness stays with you and encourages you to take the time to savor every sip.

We encourage all of you to get down to the brewery and give this beer a try, and highly recommend checking out the magnificence of the Turtles on your way here.