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Velvet Hammer vinyl

Velvet Hammer on Vinyl Punctuates the Celebration of a Texas Music Legend
(DALLAS, TX) – Peticolas Brewing Company kicks off a two day block party on April 29 in honor of
Texas music icon Willie Nelson. Falling on Willie’s 89th birthday, the brewery is officially declaring
April 29 “Willie Nelson Day” from this day forward with the inaugural celebration featuring the
release of a collectors edition of the song “Velvet Hammer” on vinyl originally popularized by Texas
natives Fish Fry Bingo. The vinyl also features a revisited version of the track recorded by The
Hammer Jam Band.
The Hammer Jam Band, fronted by musician and local craft beer legend Tony Drewry, are performing
a live version of “Velvet Hammer” alongside a handful of original tracks during the celebration at the
closed intersection of Farrington and Pace St. right outside of the Peticolas Brewing Company
Taproom located at 1301 Pace St.
Along with the live music starting at 7pm, Peticolas plans to host a Willie Nelson costume contest,
food vendors and pour Peticolas beer. The following day Peticolas will keep the festivities going with
the running of their annual 5k and more live music. Owner and Operator Michael Peticolas said
“What started as a conversation between friends over who is the most legendary Texan turned into a
plan for a weekend long party and an album release. I’ve been a fan of Willie since I first saw him
play as a kid and am still in awe of him after all these years. Combine that with Tony’s love song for
our beer and his style of music in general, I think we have a match made in heaven. Hopefully the
state legislature sees what we do in Willie and will officially recognize the day alongside us going
“Willie Nelson Day” is open to the public and Peticolas taproom hours remain normal throughout the
weekend. The brewery pressed 300 copies of the vinyl version of “Velvet Hammer” and are first
come first serve. Registration for the Velvet Hammer 5k is open now through