Thrilla in Brazilla is gold in color with a tight white head of foam. The fruity-ester aroma is high to very high. Hop aroma is further characterized by high amounts of citrus with a slightly resinous character in the background. The aroma follows through to the taste with citrusy characters dancing on the palette, including the presence of fresh oranges. Thrilla is a medium bodied beer with medium high hop bitterness. As always, this beer is balanced.

We originally brewed this American IPA specifically for the 2014 Brazil World Cup. Thrilla in Brazilla was released June 12,  the day of World Cup match 1 between Brazil and Croatia.  The beer featured at pubs hosting a watching party for the opener and remained in the market until July 12, the day of the World Cup final.  The response to Thrilla was immense so we re-released it during the 2015 Gold Cup and 2016 Copa America.  Due to the following Thrilla obtained during its brief stints in the market, we began brewing it more regularly in 2017.

Food pairing? A nice thick juicy hamburger with fresh jalapeno and serrano peppers. The spice in the burger pairs amazingly well with the crisp citrusy hop character of Thrilla in Brazilla.

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Thrilla in Brazilla